Martech RCDPRO PC - New GUI, functions.. models

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Martech RCDPRO PC - New GUI, functions.. models!

RCDPRO PC has been rebuild to latest standard and design.

- From now you can work directly via cable with models based on i2c eeproms.

(you can do direct and via bin file).

- Auto Find works on all models in databse

(you can make filter if you know any digit from code)

New models in database:

- Renault Delphi FJBH MBYI 8 RDO, 28154431 [24c16]

- Volvo Delphi FJXF MBYI 9 RDO Assembly, 28214594 [24c16]

- Seat ULSE CD 6J0 035 153, SEZAZ1 by Technisat [24c16]

- Kenwood KDC-BT8041U [24c04]

- Kenwood KDC-DDX7029Y [24c04]

- Kenwood KDC-DNX5220BT [24c08]

- Kenwood KVT-M707 [24c08]

- Kenwood DPX-MP4110 [24c04]

- Kenwood DPX-MP5110U [24c04]

- Kenwood KDC-W4737U [24c04]

- Kenwood KDC-X7006 [24c04]

Download it:

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

RCDPRO Tools works only on Martech CLIP device.

More models for RCDPRO PC and standalone clip version coming soon :)

Martech Team.

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