LG Rocker v1.13 released

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10.07.2009 LG Rocker v1.13 released

Whats new:

  • Fixed bug with 10b KU990iGo firmware causeing "Access violation"
You can find new software release in support areas (LG Rocker and Rocker Dongle).

Important !

- When unlocking new phones (Year 2009) in some cases phone might have cached data in NAND, hence producing hang problem after first unlocking stage.

To resolve this, just leave phone connected and wait aprox. 30 seconds before pressing "Unlock" button again.

Log from successful unlock:

      Detecting phone...
 Detected phone on COM11. Connecting...OK
 Firmware: KU990iG-MSM6280-V10b-MAR-20-2009-XX
 Current mode: NORMAL

 Qualcomm chipset: MSM6280
 Preparing for communication...OK
 First unlock stage is in progress. Please wait...OK
 Please wait, your phone is being restarted...OK

 Detecting phone...
 Detected phone on COM11. Connecting...OK
 Current mode: PREPARED TO BOOT

 Qualcomm chipset: MSM6280
 Sending ramloader. Please wait...OK
 Starting ramloader. Please wait...OK

 Unlocking your phone...
 Reading data. Please wait...OK
 Reading mirror data. Please wait...OK
 Adding data to the Backup Database...OK
 Current simlock state: ALREADY UNLOCKED
 Restoring phone...OK[/B]

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