polar box update : More power added to alcatel module

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Alcatel OT363 unlock Supported (world first)

Connecting ...

Flash ID.: 98030000 , Toshiba 16 Mb.

Firmware Ver. : 266

Phone Type : 363X-2ARGES1

Operator/Country : ORANGE / SPAIN

Language : EN ES GAL BAS CAT

Phone IMEI : 359675-02-022499-0

Phone Connected Ok..

Changing Speed Up 921600 Bps...

Please Wait... Writing Firmware ...

Please Wait... Finishing Writing...

Please Wait... Formating...

Can take about 120/240 seconds

Writing Firmware Ok...

Now please Wait 15/20 seconds...

Until phone Power On completely...

Phone Disconnected ...

Fixed Repair Alcatel S520 with blank screen (Damaged by other tools)

Flash files added to support :


363x_ALEU_26A_Firmware(EN_FR_ES_IT_DE).zip (unlocked unbrand and decustomized)

363x_ALCY_26A_Firmware(EN_RU_BUL_GR_ALB).zip (unlocked unbrand and decustomized)

363x_ALGR_26A_Firmware(EN_RU_BUL_GR_ALB).zip (unlocked unbrand and decustomized)


S520a_ALMX_45A_Firmware(EN_FR_ES_PT_BR_IT).zip (unlocked unbrand and decustomized)

More Hot news Coming, just keep ur polar box connected Posted Image

[ PB2 Team ]

[ http://www.polarbox2.net/ ]

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