MTBox SL3 Server Update ! 13/08/2010

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Dear MTBox Users

We want to inform All MTBox Users !

For all uploaded phones from now unlock price is 60 MT Box credits per phone

Now you can download code from SL3 server even you have 0 credits on your MT Box account

Why GT SL3 server?

  • There is not hidden calculation time, you can check it before upload phone
  • The calculation time cant be longer then server shows you in moment you upload phone. Only can be less then this!
  • You can always cancel the calculation for any phone you have uploaded
  • Servers are up and running 24 hours per day,
  • There is no server downtime
  • We constantly extend and optimize our SL3 data center (we have run 4th part)
  • Because maximum time to calculate code is 01:11:41 ( 1 hour : 11 minutes : 41 seconds)
Best Regards GSMinfo

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