SRS 10.0.16 Samsung Fixes and new Features

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SRS Update 07-08-2010

SRS Samsung Module: (Pack1)

- Fixed bug in S3370 and S3370N Unlock

- Fixed Code Reading for S5350

- Change in error handling

- Auto check for High-Speed RamRead Option

- Auto switch to READ Codes in case direct unlock fails

- Improved MSL Cluster Server (faster calculations)

- Add Timeout on port rescan (NMEA Timeout)

- Extended Qualcomm AutoSearch Ranges


20.14.22 - Reading phone

20.14.23 - Model: GT-S3370

20.14.23 - Current Firmware: S3370NEJD

20.14.23 - Original Firmware: S3370NEJD4_3ITJ

20.14.23 - IMEI: 35267304257****

20.14.23 - Reading Partition...

20.14.25 - Reading Security...

20.14.50 - Getting crypto data from server, Please Wait...

- Unfreeze: 08028509 + OK

- Unlock Network: #7465625*638*16974027#

- Unlock SP Lock: #7465625*77*00000000#

20.15.43 - All Jobs done

-- Operation done in 83 seconds --

Make sure to download latest version at one of the SRS Main Websites

All older versions stop working with this release ! Update REQUIRED

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