RIFF JTAG Manager v1.11 Released - HTC IMEI Repair

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14.07.2010 - JTAG Manager v1.11 for RIFF Box released

Whats new:

  • Added support for HTC Phones dead boot repair
  • Added RIFF Box firmware v1.11
  • Added HTC DIAMOND DLL with pinout and IMEI repair

  • Added HTC HD2 LEO DLL with pinout and IMEI repair

  • Added HTC Magic 32A DLL with pinout and IMEI repair
  • Added HTC Magic 32B DLL with pinout and IMEI repair
Please run JTAG Manager and click "Check for updates" button. You'll have list of new files, which will be downloaded.

READ THE MANUAL before starting with repair, and make sure You have updated RIFF box firmware !

Box info should show this :


Open serial port...OK

Connecting to the RIFF Box...OK

Getting RIFF Box Info...OK


RIFF Box Firmware Version: 1.11

Pinout photo is available once You select desired model. Button "Interface Pinout" will apear.

Repair manual You can read if You click "Resurrection Help" button.

Keep on Rockin' in the free world :)

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