Polar Box2 Reseller Tool Update - Version 1.0.7 Ready

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Polar Box2 Reseller Tool Update - Version 1.0.7 Ready

Hi to all,

This is the latest Update for PolarBox2 Resellers Tool,

Polar Resellers, Feel free to contact us for last reseller tool


ResellerTool Update - Version 1.0.7


- Added creation of new SUB-RESELLERS

* They can use ResellerTool after charge credits to them

* Minimun charge for create a new reseller is 1000 credits

* Reseller status activated directly (no need contact support)

- Fixed little error in store user-pass (special characters)

- Fixed bug in refreshing screen

- Added 50 credit charge option (before 100 min.)

- Added "Gremlin Hunter Bear" in initial screen :-)

This is beta version, any problem please report to sales@polarbox2.net

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Thanks in advance for your attention.

With best regards,

[ PB2 Team ]

[ http://www.polarbox2.net/ ]

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