ORT Tool V1.12 HD2 T-Mobile Repair,M8800 JTAG,F490 Repair,MSM7500 JTAG & MORE inside

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ORT Tool V1.12

Release Notes :

  • MSM 7500A Supported
  • HTC HD2 North American Revision Supported

Supported CPUs :

  • QSC62XX
  • QSC6240
  • QSC6270
  • ESM7206
  • MSM6245
  • MSM6246
  • MSM6250
  • MSM6250A
  • MSM6260
  • MSM6275
  • MSM6280
  • MSM6281
  • MSM6290
  • MSM7200
  • MSM7200A
  • MSM7201
  • MSM7201A
  • MSM72XX
  • MSM7225
  • MSM75XX
  • MSM7500
  • MSM7500A
  • MSM7501
  • QSD8250
  • QSD8650
Support Page Changes :

  • ORT Tool V1.12
  • Samsung M8800 JTAG Pinouts
  • Samsung M8800 SM
  • Samsung M8800 Repair File
  • Samsung Z230 JTAG Pinouts
  • Samsung Z230 SM
  • Samsung Z230 8MB Dump
  • Samsung F490 Repair File
  • Samsung F490V Repair File
  • Samsung F330 SM
  • Samsung F330 16 MB Dump
  • Samsung C5510 SM
  • Samsung S7330 SM

New Support Page is ONLINE

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  • More Manuals ,
  • New Pinouts and Well Organized .!
  • Support Page Activation Procedures are Please login or register to see this link. or Please login or register to see this link.

ORT is a Real JTAGger's choice

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