Alcatel code calculator added for free for All Kulankendi Box/Dongle Users

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Kulankendi Box/Dongle Free Update Released !

Alcatel code calculator added for free for All Box/Dongle Users !!!

Supported phone for start :

  • Alcatel B331
  • Alcatel C551
  • Alcatel C552
  • Alcatel C652
  • Alcatel C700
  • Alcatel C701
  • Alcatel C707
  • Alcatel C717
  • Alcatel C750
  • Alcatel C820
  • Alcatel C825
  • Alcatel E101 Flip
  • Alcatel El03
  • Alcatel I650
  • Alcatel I708
  • Alcatel M298
  • Alcatel Mandarina Duck
  • Alcatel Miss sixty
  • Alcatel OT280
  • Alcatel OT303
  • Alcatel OT360
  • Alcatel OT363
  • Alcatel OT383
  • Alcatel OT600
  • Alcatel OT660
  • Alcatel OT708
  • Alcatel OT800
  • Alcatel Playboy
  • Alcatel S215
  • Alcatel S218
  • Alcatel S319
  • Alcatel S32
  • Alcatel S320
  • Alcatel S321
  • Alcatel S520
  • Alcatel S621
  • Alcatel S852
  • Alcatel S853
  • Alcatel V331
  • Alcatel V570
  • Alcatel V670
  • Alcatel V770
  • Alcatel VM621i
  • Alcatel Vodafone 541

Update exe no needed !

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