Cyclone NEVER SLEEP Installer v1.08 - New FBUS Loaders v10.20.1, Firmware v

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Hi, that's is right time

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New Cyclone Installer,Firmware,Loaders are avaiable.

What's new?


Installer v1.08



- Added new Nokia FBUS Loaders for Old and New protocols (v10.20.0)

- Fixed problems with flashing RAPIDO based phones with hash 479.... (N86,X6). Was Nokia fault (10.18.0 loader pack was broken, probably problem with RSA signature so loader wasn't spawned at all...)

- Fixed problem with FUR initialization when dealing with v10 (2010) Nokia Loaders (Affected was new protocol phones)

- Forced users to install v1.08 changing few firmware routines - some users upgraded their boxes updating it for "v10" loaders, but they didn't installed new installer - their BB5 flashing was broken then. Forcing users to install v1.08 and upgrade box is just to ensure every user will have 100% working environment (latest loaders, latest firmware, latest exe).

- New Box Firmware v1.45 Released

- Handling some smartcards in main firmware fixed

- Minor changes and bugfixes

Where to download?

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Don't forget to upgrade your box firmware to v01.45 !

Best Regards,

Stay Tuned,

Cyclone Team

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