Cyclone Box Firmware v01.43 Released

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Hi, New firmware v01.43 is uploaded to server

- Fixed "Smartcard is not responding for reset" in some configurations. Thanks TouTouGSM for reporting and helping in removing this problem. (

Please upgrade your box only if you are encountering Smartcard problems, else no upgrade is needed.

Don't need to upgrade exe if you have installed latest installer (released on 01.07.2010), else install this installer to have backward Nokia Loaders compatibilty. To upgrade just go to "Box Maintenance" and use Maintenace to write latest microcode.

As always,every box having 3 update credits. Please WAIT PATIENTLY during upgrade as it will end (else your box will not be upgraded, and credits will be charged, you will need to ask us agian, etc, etc - so just click BOX MAINTENANCE and patiently WAIT!).

During upgrade you may see message like "Cant upgrade bootloader", "Not allowed to upgrade bootloader", "Bootloader upgrade skipped". THIS IS VERY NORMAL becuase BOOTLOADER SHOULD BE UPDATED ONLY ONCE to minimise risk of destroying your box. As you know bootloader is first code executed upon box bootup, so when its corrupt/destroyd box is bricked. So if your bootloader is already up to date you will receive such message, but that means everything is just fine.

Another things which need attention is usage latest firmware and latest NK loaders.

Keep note that firmwares >=v01.42 need have installed Nokia loaders 10.18.00 (latest installer update). Else you will encounter booting and flashing problems - firmware >=01.42 is not compatible with 0.9.50 loaders !!! So if you don't installed latest installer BUT upgraded Firmware to >=v01.42 YOU WILL ENCOUNTER NOKIA BB5 FLASHING PROBLEMS!

Just sticky with this rules and enjoy Cyclone :cool:

Best Regards,

Cyclone Team

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