Z3X China Editor 3.5 Update

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Z3X China Editor 3.5 released!


- Virtual keyboard editing

- New fonts types for merge common regions to new place

- More pictures formats added in Picture Editor

- "Replace" option in Picture Editor

- Custom background selecting in Picture Editor

- Transparent for pictures in Picture Editor

- "Fix width" in Font Editor

- "Positioning" in Font Editor

- More faster MTK language apply (about 3 seconds)

- Fast height changing in Font Editor (without redrawing chars)

- Ask of cut position when Load font with different height

- Visual hints in Dictionary delete duplicates dialog

- New MTK 6230 NAND type

- Line counter for tables

- "Recommended values" for Options

- Wizard for tables saving


- Auto fixed "Write SEC" message "scat load fail", coz flashtool don't like filenames with dots and dash, and new date function don't use dot or dash

- Font activity detection for some font types

- Bad font types showing for some firmwares

- NAND file saving for firmwares with manual spare cut

- Wrong pictures size in media editor with some firmwares

- Manual file select in before reading flash

- Most of bugs with your Crash Reports

- Saving to curent dictionary


- Date format to year_month_day_hour_minute_second for better sorting

- MTK NAND detection method (not need now set "2Mb spare" for some firmwares)

- MTK NOR detection method (firmwares with not first English language, also defined in flash-define.ini)

- Export media now exclude pictures

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gracias amigo... estou lidando emum telefone antigo e isso veio a calhar... obigaodo

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