16/06/10 : [UCT Box / ET-BoX Plus] UCT v1.05 Released - New CPU & many feat

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--------========= UCT_ET_China_Tool_v1.05.exe =========-----------

Details About UCT Box : Please login or register to see this link.

Details About UCT v1.05 : Please login or register to see this link.

New features:


  • MT6238/9 supported
  • Added new bootloader, Support Read/Write/Expert Mode
  • Added Repair IMEI by AT Command
  • Backup/Restore/Edit/Debug NVRAM items, With this u can restore everything after format phone
  • Read Project ID
  • FAT Explorer
  • Tracker improved
  • Support new Decryption of UID on MT6235
  • Support new ExtractFile and Decryption of UID function on MT6235
  • MT6253 supported
  • Added new Boot3.952

SpreadTurm CPU:

  • Support new Flash device: M36L0R7050U3ZS, 3040L0xx0
  • Support NOR_4050L0YQ3 on SC6600L


  • Added new status bar to display H/W information. If any unsupport Flash device, then please send the Flash ID and real Flash name to Please login or register to see this link.
  • Added new special format for Read files, It will include HW/SW info and save as a cmz file.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix Flash ID error on MTK Boot3.848
  • Fixed synchronization failure when baudrate change in MTK Phones
  • Read unlcok code issue for SpreadTrum phones
  • Fixed some UI error

Support New Flash Chip:

  • NOR_AMD_29lv320DB
  • NOR_AMD_29lv320DT
  • NOR_AMD_29lv320MB
  • NOR_AMD_29lv320MT
  • NOR_AT49BV_LV16X
  • NOR_EON_EN29GL128
  • NOR_Intel_28F128J3
  • NOR_Intel_28F160B3
  • NOR_Intel_28F160B3_T
  • NOR_Intel_28F160C3
  • NOR_Intel_28F320B3
  • NOR_Intel_28F320B3_T
  • NOR_Intel_28F320J3
  • NOR_Intel_28F320J5
  • NOR_Intel_28F320S3_5
  • NOR_Intel_28F640B3
  • NOR_Intel_28F640B3_T
  • NOR_Intel_28F640C3
  • NOR_Intel_28F640C3_T
  • NOR_Intel_28F640J3
  • NOR_K5N2833ATB
  • NOR_K5N5666ATB
  • NOR_K8D1716UBC
  • NOR_K8D1716UTC
  • NOR_K8D3216UBC
  • NOR_MBM29LV160B
  • NOR_MBM29LV160T
  • NOR_MBM29LV320BE
  • NOR_MBM29LV320TE
  • NOR_MX29GL128B
  • NOR_MX29GL128E
  • NOR_MX29LV161B
  • NOR_MX29LV161T
  • NOR_MX29LV320B
  • NOR_MX29LV320B_T
  • NOR_MX29LV320T
  • NOR_MX29LV320T_T
  • NOR_Sharp_28F320BJE
  • NOR_SHARP_LH28F160S3_T
  • NOR_SST39VF1601
  • NOR_SST39VF1602
  • NOR_SST39VF320
  • NOR_SST39VF3202
  • NOR_SST39VF6401
  • NOR_SST39VF6401B
  • NOR_SST39VF6402
  • NOR_SST39VF6402B
  • NOR_ST_29w320DB
  • NOR_ST_29w320DT
  • NOR_ST_M29W160EB
  • NOR_ST_M29W160ET
  • NOR_TC58FVB321
  • NOR_TC58FVT321

* Please Un-Install Old Version before installing v1.05

* All files ready for download in official setup area.



Please login or register to see this link.

Please login or register to see this link.

Mirror for setup: Please login or register to see this link.

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