KulanKendi Box/Dongle/Server Free Update Ver 2.80 / Many more ZTE added /

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KulanKendi KKMC Ver 2.80

Ver 2.80 Update Features :

- OMAP series compilation DB updated

- OMAP series credits deduction procedure changed

- Added Vodafone T7200 unlocking/phone code read - all sw versions by USB cable

T7200 Manual :

1. Be sure that battery is at least half charged

2. Power on phone without simcard and connect cable

3. Install drivers from phone PenDrive from directory "DevSetup_for_Vodafone"

4. IMPORTANT: Wait for and always close "Vodafone PC Assistant" software or Pop-up window

5. Click EXECUTE and wait till finish and phone restart

INFO: "Read Info" option cannot works on all phones(transmission cut off)

- Added read unlock code and code calculation by IMEI for ZTE All sw version

  • ZTE X960
  • ZTE X990
  • ZTE X991
  • ZTE Sage
  • ZTE GR230
  • ZTE N261
  • ZTE N281
  • ZTE SFR114
  • ZTE SFR231
  • ZTE SFR251
  • ZTE SFR251 Messenger
  • ZTE SFR343
  • ZTE Orange Rio
  • ZTE Orange Miami
  • ZTE Orange Rome

Manual by USB cable:

1. Power on phone with or without simcard

2. Connect phone to mini-USB cable,select "COM Port" in phone and install drivers ZTE_X760_USB_Driver.rar from support

3. Select "Read Unlock Codes", click EXECUTE and wait for unlock codes

4. Insert SIMCARD,power on phone and enter unlock code when phone will ask

Manual by IMEI code calculation:

1. Enter correct IMEI number, mark "Calculate IMEI"

2. Click EXECUTE and wait for unlock codes

3. Insert SIMCARD,power on phone and enter unlock code when phone will ask

Forum Support Section:

Kulankendi Box / Dongle - GSM-Forum

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