LG 2G Rocker update - v1.40 USB Support !

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11.06.2010 LG 2G Rocker v1.40 released

Whats new:

  • Added USB Support
  • Added many new models
Use of this version is free for all users who have access to support.

If You are the "Power Dongle" user, You need to download it from LG Rocker support.

Rocker dongle users, who dont have LG paid activation, need to use version from Rocker support.


Take note, this is still BETA software, so be aware that You can possibly damage phones.

We have tested many models, but also some not. So, just to be sure, make sure to have correct backup before doing experiments.

We recommend code reading for supported models.

This is current list of supported models:


GB100 GB101 GB102 GB105 GB106 GB107 GB108 GB109 GB110 GB115 GB125 GB126 GB130 GB220 GB220GO GB220NGO GB230 GB250 GB250F GB250G GB255 GB258

GC900 GC900E GC900F

GD350 GD510 GD510GO GD510N GD900

GM310 GM310F GM310G

GS100 GS101 GS101GO GS102 GS102GO GS105 GS106 GS107 GS107A GS107B GS108 GS155 GS155A GS155B GS290 GS290GO GS500 GS500GO GS500V

GT360 GT365

GU220 GU230

GW520 GW525

KC550 KC560 KC780

KE260 KE360 KE600 KE608 KE770 KE800 KE820 KE850 KE858 KE970 KE970G

KF350 KF510 KF600 KF900

KG270 KG271 KG275 KG276 KG278 KG285 KG288 KG289 KG370 KG375 KG376 KG70 KG77

KM380 KM385 KM386 KM900 KM900F KM900G

KP100 KP105 KP106 KP107 KP108 KP270 KP275 KP500 KP501 KP502 KP550 KP570

KS360 KS360GO

ME770 ME850 ME970

MG160 MG161 MG370

TE360 TE365

Please download and install "LG2G_Rocker_v1.40.exe" from corresponding support.

Enjoy using Rocker Dongle !

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