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Changing Tomtom Navigator Startup Splash Screen

Unlike the TomTom devices, creating a splash.bmp for TomTom Navigator on your PocketPC PDA doesn't work.

So here is how you change you TomTom Navigator splash screen.

- Grab a copy of "TomTom Navigator.exe" from your Pocket PC and save it to your computer.

- Make a backup copy of the exe before your start.

- Download ResHacker from Please login or register to see this link.

- Start ResHacker and open your "TomTom Navigator.exe"

- Expand the tree view on the left side and browse to Bitmap > 120 > 1033.

(Now you see the splash screen).

Please login or register to see this image.

- Select the 1033 and go to Action > Save Bitmap.

Posted Image

- Once saved, manipulate the file keeping the format, aspect ratio and the size (320x240).

- Go back to ResHacker and while the 1033 is selected, go to Action > Replace Bitmap.

Posted Image

- Follow the Replace Bitmap instructions then save your file.

- Copy your new "TomTom Navigator.exe" file back to your PocketPC.

- Start TomTom … VOALA … now you see your new splash screen.

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