ALCATEL - MOTOROLA update (27 / 04 / 2010)

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Updated database with all providers present till today !

Now server is support all these models :

OT-103,OT-105,OT-106,OT-108,OT-150,OT-203,OT-203E,OT-204,OT-206,OT-208,OT-216,OT-222,OT-250,OT-280,OT-303,OT-305,OT-360,OT-363,OT-383,OT-505,OT-508,OT-543,OT-600,OT-660,OT-708,OT-800,OT-802,OT-808OT-880,OT-AM01,OT-B331,OT-C700,OT-C701,OT-C707,OT-C717,OT-C820,OT-C825,OT-EL03,OT-EL05,OT-F0Z9,OT-F330,OT-F331,OT-I650,OT-I802,OT-I880,OT-KR01,OT-M298,OT-MD01,OT-MD02,OT-MS01,OT-PB01,OT-Q3,OT-S215 OT-S218,OT-S319,OT-S320,OT-S321,OT-S520,OT-S521,OT-S621,OT-S626,OT-T208,OT-V570,OT-V607,OT-V670,OT-V770,WX160,WX161,WX180,WX181,WX260,WX280,WX288,WX2 90,WX390,WX395

Taking care customer server update :

We detected some providers will not allow unlock phones even if you have correct code. Dont ask us why, ask them

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Our new server feature will detect such providers and will inform you with message :"Not possible calculate codes for this provider" and of course will not consume credits.

Mandatory update is use new alcatel online program ver 1.5 [Easy Unlocker Alcatel online (v1.5).exe] without that you can caluculate codes as before but will not use this new feature and you will lose credits

ZTE phones :

ZTE3G Online Easy Unlocker (v1.02).exe:

Updated server with the following F102, F950, F951 firmwares :

YOG_ES_P607C4V1.0.0B06-S/NOV 05 200918:24:21SEP 15 200920:00:00KPRZL

YOG_ES_P607C4V1.0.0B07-S/DEC 22 200915:34:41SEP 15 200920:00:00KPRZL

H3G_GB_P607C3V1.0.0B07-SEC/JUL 15 200911:34:10JUN 24 200919:00:00KPRZL

H3G_GB_P607C3V2.0.0B03-S/AUG 15 200923:23:53JUN 24 200919:00:00KPRZL

YOG_ES_P607C1V1.0.1B05-S/NOV 11 200911:57:15JUN 24 200919:00:00KPRZL

YOG_ES_P608A3V1.0.0B06-S/NOV 17 200920:56:21AUG 19 200904:00:00KPRZL

YOG_ES_P608A3V1.0.0B07-S/NOV 25 200912:45:36AUG 19 200904:00:00KPRZL

YOG_ES_P608A3V1.0.0B15-S/FEB 23 201010:18:12JAN 17 201021:00:00KPRZL

YOG_ES_P608A3V1.0.0B17-S/MAR 10 201015:55:49JAN 17 201021:00:00KPRZL

ORG_ES_P608A1V1.0.0B14-S/JAN 04 201017:16:55NOV 18 200900:00:00KPRZL

Added F233, F188, F256 ZTE phones (new option in program)

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Important feature is auto-analyzing server. This mean will unlock all current and future versions of these phones

** Any unlock for ZTE 3g models now is for free for all premium users **

Reminder for premimun users :

Support are is updated every day with:

[ Use EUBShell to access the Premium Download Area ]

LG, Samsung , Alcatel and Nokia flashes and other support for plenty of boxes. Use latest shell program for enter in support

See you in next update.

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