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New features in gsmhosting forum

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Few days ago we installed new features into forum. One of this features is Searchlight from Axivo Inc.

With this product we can optimize our forum, sample: search is much faster (always < 1 second), we´ve an quicksearch...

A direct benefit of Live Index Updates is the post content accuracy. Let’s presume an user posts a new thread. 2 days later, a moderator reads it and deletes half of post contents. The search index related to that edited post will be updated within few minutes. Without the update, the post will be displayed into search results, even if it does not contain anymore the related keywords previously deleted by moderator.

Here are more details:

  • min. word-lenght in Search is now 2 ! We can now search words like X6 or 3G .

  • other new Search-Features:

mickey - regular keyword search

mickey mouse - equivalent to mickey + mouse, or mickey AND mouse

mickey OR mouse - will return results from both or either keywords

mickey NOT mouse - you can also use mickey -mouse, will return results for mickey but not mouse

mi* - will return results that start with mi

*ey - will return results that end with ey

*ck* - will return results that contain ck

  • Also, the search have embedded the morphological root of the word. That means it is a lot more flexible, related to search results. For example, if I search for "cat", it will return results for "cat" and "cats". If I search for "dogs", it will also return results for "dog" keywords.
  • In Advanced Search there is an feature like google. If we type an word, we can see what other user have searched:

Posted Image

  • When you select some words in an post using cursor,there is one icon appears for quicksearch in forum.

Posted Image


Posted Image

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