GT Server Unlock For All SonyEricsson Models Is UP and RUNNING!! -

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Dear Value GT Customers,

We just want to inform you about MT SE unlock server is UP and RUNNING again.

The phone unlock is REAL TIME so no need to wait.

Server work 24/7

This is the "FULL UNLOCK and REPAIR" solution, so is not patch (you can flash the phone without to worry it will be locked after).

Also we just want to inform you about PRICE DROP for MT SE server unlock. Now unlock cost 10 GT server credits only (unlock for 1 phone ~ 5 euro)

Supported models all know models and CID's: Locosto, Neptune, DB2020, DB3150, DB3210, DB3200 and Symbian phones,

All changes are made on GT server so you no need to change anything.

For more details, just drop by GT official support forum

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