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ATF [Advance Turbo Flasher] Version 4.60 update!! 22 Mar 2010

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ATF [Advance Turbo Flasher] Version 4.60 update!! 22 Mar 2010

What is new:

Firmware Update Function was fixed to allow better compatibility with "paranoid" anti-virus softwares that stops the previous updates. Added "Restore" Firmware for boxes with Incomplete or Erased firmware due to disrupted Firmware Updating.

Fast DCT4 Engine

- Faster Booting using Easy Cables

- Selected flashing speed will automatically adjust to slower speeds if it detects a slow phone

Turbo BB5 Engine

- Fixed CNT 128 Conversion function for BB5 IMAGE files

- Internal DDR + 2TX buffer changed to 8MB

- Adjustable delay added in between Flash Erasing

ATF [Advance Turbo Flasher] official thread for UPDATES:


ATF (Advance Turbo Flasher) version 4.60 discussion thread:


ATF [Advance Turbo Flasher] official web sites:

International - http://www.advance-box.com/

ATF [Advance Turbo Flasher] official support forums:

World Wide: Advance Turbo Flasher - GSM-Forum

Indonesia: ATF (Advance Turbo Flasher))

Philippine: Gsmph

Syria: Arabic Support (Syria) GsmVIP

Chinese support forum : ATF Box

Vietnam: Saigonmobile

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