Samsung Rocker is back with new update!

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Samsung Rocker v1.30 beta all new Qualcom Code reader !

Hello dear users !

First, as You can see, our samsung coder is back to work, after absence due to some private reasons.

So welcome back dear Laci !

Second, this is latest public beta version. There is lots of changes, and i will not list them all, just few main points:

* Security is moved to new slot (same as latest ODM Rocker or Motorocker), so to use it, You need Your support account to be working.

* There is completelly new function added, "Code Calc" for new Qualcom based 3G Samsung models.

So, how to work with this new version ?

* You need new usb drivers. You can download it from support - /Drivers/Samsung/ folder.

* You need combo cable for models which dont have microusb connector

* You need original sim card, or You must enter code via keyboard before connecting phone to cable

Now, the procedure it self :

* Power on the phone with original sim card or enter "*#7465625#" code if You dont have sim card

* Connect phone to cable and PC

* Make sure to install latest drivers from support

* Start new Samsung Rocker select model, service and press "Code Calc" button

* Software will detect phone ports and automatically select appropriate ones

* Shortly after, You will see progress and unfreeze and unlock codes

In case that for some reason software can not detect ports properly, do this:

* Delete all modems from Control Panel - Modems section

* Delete all samsung drivers and reinstall new drivers set

* You can also set ports manually if You are skilled windows user

Thats it. If You encounter some problem, or You have tested new version , please post logs here in this topic.

Please download and install "SamsungRocker_v1.30_beta.exe" from support. You also need new drivers, and You can find it in folowing dir: "Drivers/Samsung/"

Enjoy using Rocker Dongle !

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