Mcnpro Box 2.8.0 Fixed Version Released!!!

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Mcnpro Box 2.8.0 Fixed Version Release. If you are running 2.7.9 & 2.8.0 already, simply download the fixed version ( Mcnpro_Box_2.8.0_fixed.rar file ) at Please login or register to see this link. , extract the files, then copy to related folder & making sure to overwriting the existing files.

what’s in 2.8.0 fixed Version include the following:

  • Bugs fixed For MTK Bootloader Nor flash read & write operation
  • Corrected other small reported bugs.

Upgrading from Previous Versions:

Version of 2.8.0 fixed version is a Maintenance bugs Release. We strongly recommend that all customers running prior versions to upgrade to latest version to be more stable.

Discussion at Please login or register to see this link. !

New version coming soon...(Be including Free Language Res Editor if ready, Preview this check at Please login or register to see this link. )

Mcnbox team.

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