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GPGWorkshop ver.3.6 - Shop manager 09/08/2012

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GPGWorkshop ver.3.6

-Shop manager

In invoice form added possibility to pay rest of not paid invoices

Some times you get (order) some items(stuff) in your shop and you did not pay for it for supplier

Added in form

Invoice number

Invoice date

How much need to pay totaly,

How much was paid at that date,

How much left to pay

Paid - green colour

Need to pay - red colour

On double click on invoice number or date you can see all items in arrival invoice

Added full information 'Arrivals invoice' for each incoming invoice

Supplier name,

Invoice date,

Invoice number,

Item Barcode

Item name

Item Quantity

Item Measure




Worker - who recive items in shop

Item Incoming price

Total and VAT for each Item

Now you can get more power to control your busines with GPGWorkshop

More hot updates on the way !

Iphone imei Iphone imei | Shop manager Service center Repair library Schematic

Download last version: Download » Shop manager Service center Repair library Schematic

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