LGTOOL 1.71: Added support for many new Alcatel phones, added direct ZTE and more

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by SEtool team

Version 1.71 released!

New version highlights:

Added support for new 752 Alcatel provider ID's, includes many World's first!

Added direct unlock support for almost of ZTE Android smartphones!

FREE unlock by IMEI/MEID/ESN/MSN/SN for LG, Alcatel, ZTE, HTC, BlackBerry, SE, Motorola and Huawei phones still free.

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New for LGTOOL direct services:

LG P990, P990H, P990HN, P993, SU600

- Flash firmware

ZTE A5, N61, XCD 35, P726G, P729V, P729B, P733N, P733K, ZTE RTK D1, Movistar Link, Movistar Prime, E821S,

Movistar Class, Movistar Link, Movistar Prime, SmartFren Wide, Racer, ZTE Roamer, Rio, Rio II, Carl, E400,

Libra, Link, SanFransisco, SanFransisco II, Skate, Monte Carlo, Vivacity, T-Mobile Vivacity, Star Trail,

Star Addict, Soft Stone, T28, Tureis, Turksell T1, V852, V859, V875, V880, V880+, V960, Vodafove 945, X60,

X850, X876, Z990, Amigo, Blade, Movistar Class, V170 AUSTRIA, Global Z3 standalone, Smart Netphone 701

- Unlock


- Added repair bricked One V (PK76100) via USB

New for LGTOOL remote services:

Alcatel 1801, 214WX, 268X, 282A, 282X, 308A, 308X, 310A, 310X, 312X, 319X, 322X, 358G, 585A, 585FX,

595DG, 595G, 650X, 668X, 720DG, 720G, 8107A, 813DF, F117X, F123X, F153G, F262G, T66X, V155X

- Calculate unlock codes

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