zZKey Release zZstuff&Calcv0.12 Avio,Alcatel,Pantech,SFR,TMN,Vodafone

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zZKey Release zZstufClacv0.12 Avio, Alcatel, Pantech, SFR, TMN, Vodafone

You still not have zZKey? Really more hot news in the way.

What New:


Avvio SN50

Avvio SN70

Alcatel F262

Alcatel OT117

Alcatel OT214W

Alcatel OT296

Alcatel OT319

Alcatel OT668

Alcatel OT7110

Alcatel OT720

Alcatel OT720D

Alcatel OT803D

Alcatel OT838

ChatPhone SN50

Gtran N510

Motorola WX260C

Pantech WP8990VW Escapade

SFR 262

SFR 344

TMN Blackstone

Vodafone 350

and more, please check:

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