ORT JTAG - ZTE V889D Repair Dead Boot and more inside !

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[29 JUN 2012]

Description :

  • ZTE V889D Repair Dead Boot
Release Notes:

  • ZTE V889D Repair File
  • ZTE V889D JTAG Pinout
  • Samsung GT-S8500 Full Flash / RAW Dump added to support area
Repairing ZTE V889D

  • Make a JTAG Connections
  • Connect Battery and USB Cable
  • Download Repair File :ZTE_V889D.ort
  • Place it in "phones" folder
  • Start ORT Plus Latest Version
  • Select ZTE - > V889D
  • Click Scan
  • Go to One Button Repair Tab
  • Select ZTE - > V889D
  • Click Repair
  • Your Phone is succesfully repaired
How to put ZTE V889D in Download Mode

  • Press and hold Volume up and down
  • Plug USB Cable
  • Done
  • You can Flash your phone now !

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