NCK Dongle Nokia v1.0 Released

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.:: Fast Unlocking ::. Proudly Presents

Nokia Tool v1.0 stay tuned for many to come yet.


  • USB Flashing
  • Dead USB Flashing
  • Read Info
  • Change product code
  • Factory Settings
  • Read ASK/RPL
  • Send Unlock Code
  • Read/Write PM
  • Read/Write Product code
  • Change Phone Mode
  • PhoneBook Dump/Save
  • Camera Configiration
  • Self Test
  • Hash to Code Calculation (Also supported in NCK Dongle exe).
  • DCT4++ Unlock (Also supported in NCK Dongle exe).
  • Many more to come this is just the start...

Supported Models:


RM-180=Nokia N72

RM-38=Nokia 3250

RM-55=Nokia N93

RM-153=Nokia N93-5

RM-158=Nokia N91-5

RM-178=Nokia 6125

RM-86=Nokia 5500D

RM-170=Nokia E50-1

RM-171=Nokia E50-2

RM-133=Nokia N73-1

RM-140=Nokia 7390

RM-209=Nokia 7373

RM-132=Nokia N73-5

RM-174=Nokia 5200 XM

RM-146=Nokia 5300 XM

RM-88=Nokia E62-1

RM-200=Nokia 6151

RM-156=Nokia N93i-1

RM-157=Nokia N93i-5

RM-217=Nokia 6300

RM-159=Nokia N95-1

RM-128=Nokia N75-3

RM-208=Nokia E65

RM-176=Nokia 6290

RM-245=Nokia N95-5

RM-188=Nokia 6086

RM-227=Nokia E61i-1

RM-230=Nokia 5700 XM

RM-237=Nokia 3110c

RM-135=Nokia N76-1

RM-43=Nokia N91-8GB

RM-194=Nokia N77-1

RM-122=Nokia 6110n-1

RM-274=Nokia 3109c

RM-243=Nokia 6120c

RM-164=Nokia 8600d

RM-249=Nokia 7500

RA-6=Nokia E90-1

RM-302=Nokia 5700b

RM-265=Nokia 6500c

RM-240=Nokia 6500s-1

RM-233=Nokia 8800e-1

RM-303=Nokia 5310 XM

RM-272=Nokia 3500c

RM-242=Nokia 5610d-1 XM

RM-320=Nokia N95-2 8GB

RM-308=Nokia 6121c

RM-179=Nokia N81-1 8GB

RM-244=Nokia E51-1

RM-264=Nokia 7900d-1

RM-271=Nokia 6555

RM-322=Nokia 6301

RM-223=Nokia N81-3

RM-313=Nokia N82-1

Rm-149=Nokia N76-5

RM-160=Nokia N95-6

RM-310=Nokia 6120c-5

RM-260=Nokia 6086b

RM-397=Nokia 6500c-5

RM-276=Nokia 6556c

RM-256=Nokia N81-5

RM-268=Nokia 6288

RM-289=Nokia 6556b

RM-147=Nokia 5300b XM

RM-175=Nokia 6290b

RM-181=Nokia 5200b XM

RM-304=Nokia 5310b XM

RM-222=Nokia 6300b

RM-426=Nokia E51-2

RM-337=Nokia 6300i

RM-422=Nokia 6124c

RM-364=Nokia 3120c

RM-235=Nokia N78-1

RM-379=Nokia 7310c

RM-328=Nokia 6220c-1

RM-421=Nokia N95-4 (8GB nam)

RM-367=Nokia 6210s-1

RM-409=Nokia 5320d-1 XM

RM-400=Nokia 6650d-1c

RM-352=Nokia 3600s

RM-436=Nokia 7210s&7212s

RM-411=Nokia 5220

RM-414=Nokia 6600s-1c

RM-396=Nokia 6212c

RM-343=Nokia E66-1

RM-365=Nokia 3120c-1

RM-354=Nokia 7610s

RM-325=Nokia 6600f-1c

RM-429=Nokia 3610a

RM-247=Nokia N96-1

RM-333=Nokia N85-1

RM-279=Nokia 5610d-1b

RM-348=Nokia N79-1

RM-416=Nokia 5320 XM

RM-417=Nokia 5320d-1b XM

RM-358=Nokia 5610-1

RM-346=Nokia E71-1

RM-387=Nokia 6220c-5

RM-415=Nokia 6600s

RM-270=Nokia 3555

RM-277=Nokia 3555c

RM-275=Nokia 3109c

RM-366=Nokia 3120b-1b

RM-216V=Nokia 6131nfc

RM-278=Nokia 6500s-5

RM-236=Nokia N78-5

RM-314=Nokia N82-5

RM-321=Nokia N95-6

RM-493=Nokia E71-5

RM-437=Nokia E63-1

RM-356=Nokia 5800d

RM-398=Nokia 7510a supernova

RM-495=Nokia 5130c&5130c-2 XM

RM-407=Nokia E71-3

RM-472=Nokia N96-3

RM-345=Nokia E66-2

RM-420=Nokia E66-3

RM-357=Nokia E71-2

RM-451=Nokia 8600a

RM-368=Nokia 6260s

RM-412=Nokia E75-1

RM-512=Nokia 2330c-2

RM-494=Nokia E66-5

RM-427=Nokia 5800

RM-378=Nokia 7310c

RM-379=Nokia 7310c

RM-350=Nokia N79-3

RM-334=Nokia N85-3

RM-335=Nokia N85-5

RM-323=Nokia 6301b

RM-273=Nokia 3109c

RM-250=Nokia 7500b

RM-443=Nokia 6303c

RM-543=Nokia 2323c-2

RM-257=Nokia 3555b

RM-470=Nokia 6700c

RM-431=Nokia 5630d

RM-505=Nokia N97

RM-465=Nokia 5730s

RM-432=Nokia 5630 XM

RM-419=Nokia 6210s-1b

RM-408=Nokia 6210s-1

RM-386=Nokia 6210s

RM-506=Nokia N97-5

RM-514=Nokia 2320c&2320c-2

RM-561=Nokia 2700c&2700c-2

RM-566=Nokia 6730c-1

RM-570=Nokia 6600i-1c

RM-504=Nokia 5530c-2

RM-491=Nokia 6710s-1

RM-547=Nokia 6730c-1

RM-424=Nokia 6720c-1

RM-496=Nokia 5130c-2b XM

RM-484=Nokia N86-1

RM-486=Nokia N86-5

RM-482=Nokia E55-1

RM-519=Nokia 2720a-2

RM-469=Nokia E52-1

RM-507=Nokia N97-3

RM-356=Nokia 5800d

RM-518=Nokia 3720c-2

RM-413=Nokia E75-2

RM-449=Nokia E63-2

RM-450=Nokia E63-3

RM-602=Nokia 5800i

RM-492=Nokia 6790s-1b

RM-599=Nokia 6790s-1c

RM-462=Nokia E71x

RM-511=Nokia 3711

RM-578=Nokia 2730c-1

RM-555=Nokia N97-4 (mini)

RM-553=Nokia N97-5 (mini)

RM-588=Nokia 5230

RM-573=Nokia 6760s-1

RM-529=Nokia E72-2

RM-530=Nokia E72-1

RM-600=Nokia E63-5

RM-540=Nokia X3

RM-509=Nokia 3710a

RM-510=Nokia 3710a-1c

RM-564=Nokia 6720c-1b

RM-584=Nokia E72-5

RM-425=Nokia 6122c

RM-485=Nokia N86-3

RM-497=Nokia 7020&7020a-2

RM-297=Nokia N96-5

RM-515=Nokia 2320c-2b

RM-513=Nokia 2330c-2b

RM-381=Nokia 6750-1c

RM-359=Nokia 5610d-2b

RM-349=Nokia N79-5

RM-559=Nokia X6

RM-629=Nokia 5320-1d

RM-594=Nokia 5230-1b

RM-625=Nokia 5232&5233

RM-579=Nokia 2730c-1b

RM-410=Nokia 5220b XM

RM-428=Nokia 5800d-1b XM

RM-635=Nokia 2690

RM-342=Nokia N78-3

RM-551=Nokia X6

RM-604=Nokia 7230-1

RM-598=Nokia 7230-1c

RM-101=Nokia N92-2

RM-187=Nokia 5710XM

RM-269=Nokia N81-6

RM-294=Nokia E61i-2

RM-309=Nokia DOCOMO NM705i

RM-324=Nokia 6650h TM

RM-351=Nokia 5710b XM

RM-353=Nokia 3600s-b

RM-355=Nokia 7610s-b

RM-389V=VERTU constellation f

RM-399=Nokia 7510 SUPERNOVA

RM-448=Nokia DoCoMo NM706i

RM-455=Nokia 6790s-1C

RM-468=Nokia 5730s-2

RM-478=Nokia 5330s-1 TV

RM-479=Nokia 5330s XM

RM-481=Nokia E52-2

RM-483=Nokia E55-2

RM-526=Nokia 7705

RM-552=Nokia X6

RM-569=Nokia 6710s

RM-614=Nokia C3

RM-615=Nokia 5330-1d TV

RM-638=Nokia 6303c-i

RM-640=Nokia 7230

RM-645=Nokia C5


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