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[08 JUN 2012]

Description :

  • ORT Plus V1.78 Released

Release Notes:

  • Samsung SHV-E160K [ APQ8060 ] Halt Method added
  • Support Samsung GT-P6200
  • Hynix eMMC Supported

    • Flash ID : 0x594E495890014A48
    • Sub Flash ID : 0x874B6E18205F001E
  • SDIN2C2-4G is supported
  • Enabled HTC MSM8X55 / MSM8X60 Models IMEI , CID , SN change for ORT Hardware

    How to Change IMEI / CID / SN :

    • Right After Halting / Scan
    • Go to Unlocker Tab and IMEI / SN Windows Will be activated
    • Change and Click to confirm
  • MSM8X55 USB Communication Supported

    • Over USB eMMC Support Added
    • Over USB SD Card Support Added
    • ORT Qualcomm USB Drivers Released
  • HTC MSM8X55 Phones are supported with USB for

    • Read Flash
    • Write Flash
    • Repair Dead Boot
    • Unlocking
    • CID Change
    • IMEI Change
    • SN Change
Test Point Usage :

  • if Qualcomm Drivers are not found

  • Power Off the Phone
  • Connect TP to GND and Power ON the phone
  • Remove TP after Qualcomm Drivers are installed
  • Drivers Are located " C:\Program Files\ORT\drivers\ORTQualcommUSB "

  • ORT Team Will release test points for the supported models

eMMC Test Point is used to trick the cpu that there is no boot in the eMMC

and the cpu run the boot inside the rom and enumerate a qualcomm usb device on the pc's usb.

When the loader runs,pc will detect the phone as "ORT Qualcomm USB" device.

What's News in the Forum :

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