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Rafael Rubim

>> Atualizações Box GENIE UNIVERSAL CLIP<<

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Genie DCT4+ Standalone Unlocker Script V 0.3

Dear Forum members,

We are pleased to announce the release of

DCT4+ Standalone Unlocker Script V 0.3

Here is the history file from the release:


v 0.3 - 22.01.2010

some bug fixes


The 4plus.smx standalone DCT4 Plus unlocer

requires Sedna OS version which

you may donwload and update on your clip.

Added support for the following phones

Nokia 2610 - RH-86 version 05.90, 07.04

Nokia 2610b - RH-87 version 05.90, 07.04

Nokia 2760 - RM-258 version 06.82, 07.60

Nokia 2760b - RM-259 version 06.82, 07.60

Nokia 2630 - RM-298 version 07.60, 57.20

Nokia 2600c - RM-340 version 07.60

Nokia 5000 - RM-362 version 06.32

Nokia 2760 - RM-391 version 05.45

Nokia 2680 - RM-392 version 04.56, 06.17, 56.17

Nokia 2330c - RM-512 versions 09.55

Nokia 2330c - RM-513 versions 08.20, 08.21

Nokia 2720 - RM-520 versions 08.20, 08.42

Nokia 2323c - RM-543 versions 06.46, 06.75, 08.20

Please download your DCT4Plus installer from - DCT4Plus v0.3

Please make sure that you run your Genie in Mass Storage Device

mode in order to have the files installed on your SD card.

Best regards


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PM Tool v0.5 + Genie Suite 1.1 Update ready !

New Genie Suite 1.1 Update incl. PM Tool v0.5 ready for download.


-Genie OS Firmware 186r

How to:

Download latest Genie Suite 1.1 from here

Uninstall old Suite, and Install GenieSuite1.1

your clip must have at least v186r in order to update 191r,

if your clip has not fw 186r, you need to update it manually:

-download osim.sef 186r from here

-extract osim.sef to your system folder while overwriting old osim.sef

-restart clip, press firmware update

your clip is 186r:

-open GenieSuite1.1

-click Genie Update Client

-Get Drive, mark Genie10xxxx, press Update

-restart Genie, press right button, USB OS UPDATE

Open SL X Remote Tools 0.28:

-go to About Tab, Press Update OS

after that your Clip is 191r, and you can use new PM Tool v0.5 by

clicking PERMANENT MEMORY TOOL in GenieSuite1.1

New Update has following fixes and updates:

-Standalone Custom SX4 Auth

-GenieSuite1.1 incl Manuals and no fonts on classic theme fixed



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latest Genie updates:

1. We have new version of Remote Tools today, v 1.29

2. Also glad to notify Genie users - now RPL calculation service on our server is

fully free to all Genie users:

- No need to have account

- You can do Simlock RPL for all BB5 (except SL3)

- You can do SuperDongle RPL for all BB5

3. Major bug fix on the two genie device drivers

4. And offcourse the SX4 auth is fully standalone with Genie - no need for

internet connection, Smart Card etc.

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SL3 Unlock for all Genie Users Released !!!!

Genie-Universal SL3 Unlock released!!!

Posted Image

Finally it´s done, Genie-Universal goes SL3 now !!

We now bring the opportunity for all Genie users to get SL3 phones unlocked with the New Update.

How does it work?

You need latest Remote-Tools Version from download section

and a Genie-Universal Server Account with at least 249 credits.

Simply connect your Genie-Universal to PC USB Port, enter your Username/Password

and press button "SL3 Request". Phone Informations will be read from phone and

submited to the Server. After that you just need to wait for the code to be calculated.

You can check the status of your code calculation by pressing the "SL3 STATUS" Button.

Once your code-calcution started you will see the progress in percent, if there is

another calculation running already, you will see "idle" message.

Turnaround time for Codes:

Turnarround time depends how busy the Server is, could be done within few hours,

but could also take up to few days in case there are many requests pending.


Currently supported SL3 Models:

- N97

- N97 mini

- 5310

- 6303

- 3600

- 5130

- 6500s

- etc.

PS: If you don´t like it, simply don't use it!!!

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