SigmaKey Software v1.08.02 Android Qualcomm Smartphones Update

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Dear Users,

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and SigmaKey Firmware v1.10 are out!

This time we present update for Android ZTE and Alcatel smartphones! Support for more than 40 new models added

Added DIRECT UNLOCK* / READ CODES / CODE CALCULATION BY IMEI (Old and New security) for the following ZTE Android smartphones based on Qualcomm CPU:

  • Blade
  • Base Lutea
  • Link
  • Libra / Kyivstar Spark
  • N61
  • Roamer/ Avail
  • Raise
  • Startext
  • Skate/ Orange Montecarlo
  • Staraddict
  • Smart Netphone 701
  • Smartfren Wide
  • SoftBank 003Z
  • TMN Smart A7 / ZTE V875
  • TMN Bluebelt / ZTE N61
  • TMN Bluebelt II
  • TMN Silverbelt / ZTE Raice
  • TMN Soft Stone / ZTE Link
  • Orange Montecarlo / ZTE Skate
  • Orange San Francisco / ZTE Blade / P729B
  • Orange SanFrancisco 2 / ZTE Crescent
  • Racer
  • SFR 522
  • SFR 552
  • SFR Startrail
  • SFR Starnaute / ZTE Amigo
  • T-Mobile Zest
  • T-Mobile Vivacity
  • Telstra Smart Touch / ZTE T3020
  • TMN Sapo A5
  • Mercury / Huawei M886
  • Xiang / ZTE X850
  • 551
  • V880
  • V9
  • V9 Light
  • Z990

* Unlocking method depends on the version of Android OS. If Sigma software shows the message

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