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Unlocking and Activating iPhone 4S iOS 5.1.1 with Rebel X-SIM v3.04 Launched

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You NEED Rebel X-SIM Unlocking and Activation card for iPhone 4S iOS5.1.1 to SOLVE 'Activation Required & SIM Not Valid Errors ' This is a Very Simple Solution that does NOT require Jailbreak, No Apps or any Software needed, No dongle, cable, logs or Code Needed, No Risk, Guaranty Void or damage to iPhone 4S because X-SIM is the Only Solution that Uses iPhone 4S Original STK Menu to unlock and Activate your Device.

What is New in Rebel X-SIM v3.04?

We have improved the boot up Speed for iOS5.1.1 with Rebel X-SIM with a pop-up Window when you power on your iPhone.. You can now comfortably add your 7digits Unlock IMSI Direct WITHOUT Settings + Phone + SIM PIN.

You Will get this pop up window telling you that Your iPhone is Locked Click UNLOCK to Start

See Screen - http://xsimcard.com/blog/wp-content/.../Unlocking.jpg

Rebel X-SIM is the ONLY SIM Proxy Solution in the Market that uses iPhone 4S ORIGINAL STK Menu to unlock and Activate your device, Very Simple Solution that does NOt require any technical knowledge, No Dongle, No Apps Simple Plug and Play with 7digits country networks providers that we have calculated for you FREE HERE

Installation Instructions:


Insert the X-SIM and your SIM card into iPhone 4S any version then power on. iPhone will ask for SIM PIN then press Unlock ,you just need to enter the 7 digits IMSI for the carrier that the iPhone was locked to ( eg. AT&T IMSI is 3104101 We have provided you with the IMSI lists), after you enter the correct IMSI, iPhone will automatic start to search and get network. This will take maybe 1 to 3 minutes. If you reboot your iphone it will ask for SIM pin again you just need to input four zero"0000" to use your last input SO THAT YOU DO NOT NEED TO ADD IMSI EVERYTIME YOU REBOOT.

See video

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