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Ricardo Pereira

Martech RCD K-line added v2.0.20.0 13/11/2010

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Martech RCD Service Tools V2.0.20.0

New functions:

From this moment Box 2 Plus, Lite or Clip might works as K-Line inteface.

This means RCD Tools is standing more powerful, it will do much more devices via obd2 connectors such

as car radios, dashes etc.

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First example of use is unlocking very famous CDR500 made by Delco.

Since now you don't need to desolder TMS chip to get code, the whole procedure is quite simply

and fast. How to do:

- make simply cable interface (scheme is on also, under RCD category)

- run RCD, choose CDR 500 by Delco

- connect cables and power supply

- click on Read Code

- radio code will be displayed during few seconds

- if any error has been appeared, try again or use next Connection Boot

Of course we did not forget about Key users, new programming interface is being tested and will be

released very soon. Please be patient.

RCD currently supports more than 900 various models, check it out at:

Be READY ! For next BIG updates :-)

Do you have unsupported radio and need our help ?

Contact us!

Martech Team

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