iPhone 4/ 4S ios5.01 and 5.1 Permanent Unlock and Activation Solution by Rebel X-SIM

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Rebel X-SIM iPhone 4/ 4S ios 5.01 and 5.1 Permanent Unlock Solution is Launched, This is a Permanent Unlock Solution for iPhone 4/ 4S all Versions all firmwares..

With this Solution you will only Need Rebel X-SIM one time for initializing then take it OUT and your iPhone 4S /4 is permanently Unlocked and Activated.. You will be using your iPhone 4/ 4S ios 5.01 and 5.1 WITHOUT Rebel X-SIM inserted all the time as if your iPhone 4/ 4s was NEVER Locked.

No SAM required.

No Jailbreak required.

No Codes required.

No Cables required.

No Logs required.

No Software or Apps required.

No Need to Cut your SIM.

No Need Technical Knowledge required.

No 112 or any special number dialing required.

Use any SIM card, without voiding your warranty, on any provider!. Supports 3G, EDGE, MMS, Facetime Supports All Network SIM Cards 2G, 3G, WCDMA.

How on Earth does this Work ?

1- Insert your iPhone 4/ 4s with Rebel X-SIM.

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3- Enter your IMSI and your iPhone 4/ 4s is Unlocked and Activated..

4- Take OUT the Rebel X-SIM with from your iPhone 4/ 4S without Powering Off

5 - Insert your Network Provider WITHOUT Rebel X-SIM then Power OFF your iPhone 4s.

6- Power back ON your iPhone 4S WITHOUT Rebel X-SIM inside and iPhone 4/ 4S will ask for Activation then do nothing wait..

7- Then You will get Network Just Click Next on the Activation Required Window and it will disappear.

8- Enjoy your iPhone 4/ 4s Fully UNLOCKED and ACTIVATED with Rebel X-SIM inside.

This is the last episode.. Nothing More to add.. Looking forward to ios 5.2 hehe!

Please remember to keep your Rebel X-SIM in a safe place because you will need it when you change your SIM card or Reset Your Network or Update Your iPhone.

Best Regards.

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