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antonio garrett

cyclone hash 9ddb

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First of all, happy new year to all of our customers.

New Cyclone Installer v1.03 is ready (final installer, no bulk updates needed).


Installer v1.03



- Added new BB5 Unlock,Relock,Autolock,Repair Method by RPL Generation, this uses server and consumes 10 logs whilst your credits amount must be > 100.

- Supported are ALL PA_SL2 Phones, both RAPv3 and RAPIDO, with following hashes:









- Before unlock software will ask you (when possible) if you want RPL calculation. If you don't need unlocking by RPL, simply click NO and old free unlocking methods will be used (PM308+120 recalc, Secure RAM dump and NCK calc on RAPIDO PA_SL2 phones, etc). However there are some phones which might be unlocked only using new method (9DDB - 3600,5220,7310, or new 5800 >v.30, new N96, etc)

- After unlock, requested RPL file will be saved to STORED FILES dir, it might be used later after phone chip erase, etc - as a generic backup

- To Autolock/Relock use "Import SL5" function and point to SL5 array file in "UnlockData" dir, with SW comes few generated files

- If you need SL5 file for your network, use "Create SL5" button and enter MCC-MNC, SL5 file will be generated for you and your phone might be relocked

- SL Area might be repaired using UNLOCK button for SL2 phones

- RPL Write bugs fixed ("simlock not accepted" after few tries)

- Path "/" problem fixed

- Memory manager updated to v4.94

- New skin manager introduced (6.53) - removed flash files selection bugs

- GUI redesigned a bit

- Nokia Connectivity Cable Driver updated to v7.1.22

- 2760h RM-391 v06.83 Unlock / Relock added

- 2330c RM-512 v09.55 Unlock / Relock added

- 2330c-b RM-513 v09.55 Unlock / Relock added

- 2720f RM-519 v08.42 Unlock / Relock added

- 2720f-b RM-519 v08.42 Unlock / Relock added

- 2720f RM-519 v09.55 Unlock / Relock added

- 2720f-b RM-519 v09.55 Unlock / Relock added

- SX4 Bypass during BB5 Unlock removed, is no needed anymore

- Fixed USB stack hanging up on some Windows configuration due to invalid hexcodes in BoardCode Revision USB Field

- After Super DCT4 Activation in Credits tab box Security Page is automaticlly upgraded, no need doing it manually

- New firmware v01.15 introduced - box can switch itself from MAIN mode to BOOT mode (no USB reconnect needed anymore)

- 6220c,3600s booting fixed in new firmware

- New Secure bootloader v02.10 introduced

- New bootloader supports more types of smartcards (autobaud, PTS protocol negotiation, etc)

- Secure BootAgent v1.00 introduced in new firmware

- Firmware RTOS Code Updated to v6.0.1

- Slightly code optimizations and stability improvments in new firmware

- Secure Bootloader upgrade introduced after box maintenance

- Added support for Cyclone box HW REV A116, A117, A118, A119, A11A, A11B, A11C

Here is example phones unlocked by new RPL Method,

5800 SW v31.x:

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