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06.04.2012 RIFF JTAG Updates

Whats new:

Network Router support:

Satellite Receivers (STB-s):

  • Orton 4100C Unbrick, Read/Write Flash
  • EuroSky ES-4100 Unbrick, Read/Write Flash
HTC Phones support:

  • HTC Flyer Boot repair, Unlock, CID, ModelID, S-Off, IMEI Update
HTC Phones bug fix and updates:

  • HTC Sensation (HTC Pyramid) S-Off support added
  • HTC Evo 3D (HTC Shooter) S-Off support added
  • HTC Desire HD DBL reflash support added

  • HTC Desire Z DBL reflash support added
RIFF Torrent Tracker updates:

New HTC Full Backups torrent is uploaded and ready for seeding.

New files for following models:

HTC 7 Pro (tested with hspl)

HTC Evo 3D (for Liteon camera)

HTC Desire HD

(hboot 2.00 with fix for network problem)

HTC Sensation

HTC Kaiser

HTC Surround

HTC Incredible S

Complete list of files:


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GSM Hosting, the largest forum of the World


Union of the best and strongest.

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