Omnius for SE v0.35 just released - Unlock bootloader and many other new features

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Omnius for SE v0.35 (29th March 2012)

  • Added Live boot (or hot-boot) feature for S1 MSM8x55(T) phones with unlocked bootloader.

    It allows to start unsigned kernels like recoveryNeo.img or recoveryArc.img directly in phone RAM without replacing the original firmware stored in flash

  • The Live boot feature supports automatic SU utility upload to allow permanent rooting without any side-effects.

    Note that the specified kernel has to provide the SEMC ADB interface

  • The bootloader is unlocked automatically during the unlock of S1 QSD8250 and S1 MSM7227 phones
  • Added explicit menu option for unlocking bootloader of S1 QD8250/MSM7227/MSM8x55(T) phones.

    It does almost the same as the network unlock operation.

    Once you have an unlocked bootloader, you may freely reflash the phone without any limitations

  • Added support for flashing of unsigned firmwares (mostly kernels) into S1 QSD8250/MSM7227/MSM8x55(T) phones with bootloader unlocked by Omnius
  • The S1 MSM8x55(T) identify operation shows whether the phone accepts unsigned flashes
  • Removed final shutdown in S1 QSD8250/MSM7227/MSM8x55(T) flash operations to prevent unwanted phone restarts
  • S1 identify operations should not fail when some TA units are missing
  • S1 QSD8250/MSM7227/MSM8x55(T) identify operations can detect SEMC Developer simlock signatures
  • ADB communication is now much faster
  • The ADB server is now automatically stopped if necessary
  • Advertisement banners have been removed

Important links

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    the latest version here
  • To visit official Omnius website

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Update your Omnius and enjoy!

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