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Ricardo Pereira

Smart-Clip v5.02, S-Card v3.03 and SmartMoto v4.03

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Dear users,

This time we would like to ask all of you, did you have enough of killing MotoMAGX with other fake solution that pretend to be a professional one?

We think, is right about time to stop it!

So, please welcome - Smart-Clip v5.02, S-Card v3.03 and SmartMoto v4.03.

With this release

  • First in the word, fully working, fully tested and absolutely safeone button unlock and IMEI repair solution for MotoMAGX models. -

    • E8
    • EM30
    • EM35
    • U9
    • V8_512Mb
    • V8_2Gb
    • V8_2Gb_Luxury
    • VE66
    • ZN5
    • ZN5_128Mb
    • Z6
    • Z6w
    • Aura

    Please remember, this solution will never affect phone's PDS and there is no risk for the phone!

  • "Automatic Model Detection" option is released.
  • Smart-Clip exclusive. Repair solution for MotoMAGX based models damaged by other solution (Phone freezes at Moto Logo power on stage).*

    * Please read the manual carefully before repair specified above models.

Don’t forget to update all your products and use Smart-Clip Update Zone to update S-Card.

Make sure to update Smart-Clip BEFORE updating the S-Card.

We recommend using only the latest versions of Smart-Clip, S-Card, Smart Adaptor and SmartMoto.

If you wish to receive news on updates immediately, please subscribe to our new SMS notification system.

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