DC-Unlocker ...0805 Huawei U8650,U8510,E1731 Airtel, E587,ETS3160 & many more added

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DC-unlocker client software V1.00.0805



Vodafone (Huawei) K4605


Huawei E587

Customized modems:

Huawei E1731 Oct 27 2011 11:37:48 (Airtel India)

Huawei E153 11.609.18.00.846 Dec 20 2010 16:57:50 (Airtel Kenya)

Huawei E173 Jul 29 2011 11:27:03 (Safaricom Kenya)

Huawei E173 Nov 02 2011 16:30:13 (Metfone Combodia)

New CPU modems (DSP core)

Huawei E173 (SmartBro Philippines)

Huawei E171 (MTS Russia)


Huawei U2800

Huawei U6150

Huawei U8510 IDEOS X3

Huawei U8650

Huawei U8652

Huawei T7200

Huawei MTS 736

Wireless Internet Phone (WIP):

Huawei ETS3160

Changed to free unlimited for dongle users:

Huawei E173 Sep 06 2010 10:07:17 (MobiFone)

Huawei E153 11.609.18.00.297 Jan 05 2011 09:07:06 (Dialog )


ZTE MF110 BD_P671A2V1.0.2B07 (VIETTEL)

Huawei U3100

Orange Malibu

Huawei U5110

Huawei U5900

Improved Huawei Android unlocking procedure. Now more stable.

E173Eu-1 and E153Eu-1 Kyivstar, Beeline, Viettel, Mobinil, Etisalat many versions private unlock offer. Please contact if have 100 or more modems.

Step by step guide for Huawei phone unlock:

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Entre com sua Conta ou Cadastre-se para ver links no forum.

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