NSS pro v 0.31 released

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New version of NSS pro has been released today, what's new:

08 Feb 2012, v 0.31

- One day licence support added for testing/evaluation

- Ability to move jobs in the queue implemented

- Supposed fix on bad form refresh and badly drawn controls

- Initial support for Nokia Windows Phone 7 - read basic

phone details for now

- Buf fix, last idle job not shown, jobs parser in Monitor

was unable to show it, local server updated to v 0.16

- SL3 BF client updated to support multiple versions of

command line bf software(ig,hc 0.6,0.8,0.9). Last stable

HC version (0.6) will work without rewinding your pc clock

For credits and more info, please check the supplied Readme.txt


User Guide


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