Friday 13th: SRS Update I8350, SFR151 SFR132 and more!

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Update SRS server 13-01-2012

SRS Samsung Module 10.0.49:

- Direct Unlock / Read Codes for GT-I8350 *SRS Exclusive*

- Direct Unlock / Read Codes / Imei for GT-S5838 and GT- S5578

- Read Code Support for T566, T636 (Beta)

- Direct Unlock / Code Reading GT-C5180

- Show SIM and ACT lockcode on SysInfo phones

- Auto screenshot after unlock (in screenshot directory)

- Fixed bug on BCM USB and i9001 Direct Unlock.

- Improved communication and error handling.

SRS IMEI Module:

- Blackberry Unlock by MEP (249 Meps Supported)

- Blackberry Unlock by PRD (7000+ PRDs Supported)

- Motorola WX160, WX161, WX180, WX181, WX260, WX265

- Motorola WX290, WX290, WX295, WX298, WX390, WX395


- ZTE GR-250, R260, Z533, Beeline A100, and TMN Easy 50

- HOT: SFR 151 Text Edition and SFR 132 Code Calculation by imei

SRS Global:

- Updated Server images.

- Changed Server Online checks.

- New SRSPRO Activator module.

Checkout our Youtube video for unlocking SFR132 in 1 second

SRS Youtube Video Unlocking SFR132

Remark for SRSPRO Users, if we detect you put codes from SRS for free on

any forum we will BLOCK your SRSPRO account, so see this as a warning..

Make sure you download latest SRS client from

Unlock Samsung Online - Remote Unlock Server EN - Samsung Simlock Removal

all older versions stop working from now.

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