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Whats New?

Added 71 Huawei & 2 Amoi models Code calculator in code tool


Whats is New ?

Added 71 Huawei models Code calculator in code tool

Huawei G20

Huawei G6608

Huawei G6620

Huawei G7210

Huawei Panama

Huawei E1152

Huawei E155

Huawei E1550

Huawei E1552

Huawei E1553

Huawei E1556

Huawei E156

Huawei E156B

Huawei E156C

Huawei E156G

Huawei E160

Huawei E160G

Huawei E160X

Huawei E161

Huawei E1612

Huawei E1630

Huawei E166

Huawei E166G

Huawei E169

Huawei E169G

Huawei E170

Huawei E172

Huawei E1750

Huawei E1752

Huawei E1756

Huawei E176

Huawei E1762

Huawei E1786

Huawei E180

Huawei E1820

Huawei E182E

Huawei E196

Huawei E219

Huawei E226

Huawei E230

Huawei E270

Huawei E271

Huawei E272

Huawei E510

Huawei E612

Huawei E618

Huawei E620

Huawei E630

Huawei E630+

Huawei E660

Huawei E660A

Huawei E800

Huawei E870

Huawei E880

Huawei EG162

Huawei EG162G

Huawei EG602

Huawei EG602G

Huawei EM770

Huawei MoMoDesign

Huawei UMG1691

Huawei UMG181

Huawei UMG1831

Vodafone E3735

Vodafone K2540

Vodafone K3515

Vodafone K3520

Vodafone K3565

Vodafone K3715

Vodafone K3765

Vodafone K4505

Note : Inside 39 models is already in offline calculator

Added 2 Amoi models Code calculator in code tool

AMOI Berlin

AMOI New York

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