HTI Plus (MXBOX Orange) features - Official Release

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What are the new features for


1. Speed for HTI PLUS (MXBOX ORANGE) is increase

with 180% comparing to HTI (MXBOX Green)

2. USB BIG connector, used by most of the boxes in market

(as was requested by many endusers)

3. Protection against Phone short-cut was added in hardware

4. Support for XTC Prog cable and software was added.

More details about this can be found in here:

5. HTI Plus (MXBOX ORANGE) comes full activated with

CDMA software, 100 CDMA credits included.

The rest of features are same like HTI (MXBOX Green).

To be clear about HTI Plus (MXBOX ORANGE) and

HTI (MXBOX Green) updates.

We will support both interfaces in all future updates.

MXBOX Green will continue to be sold by resellers and by our team.



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