Samsung Rocker - QUALCOMM "IMEI Not Active" Repair, More Android versions supported!

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20.12.2011 Samsung Rocker v1.38 Final released

Whats new:

  • Expanded Android panel for some new models
  • Added 'QC_IMEI' model (Qualcomm 'IMEI not active' repair option)
  • Added support for following new models:

    • B2710,B3210L,B3410i,B3410L,B3410R,B5510,
    • C3050L,C3300i,C3510L,
    • E210B,E1080W,E1083C,E1150i,E1160,E1160i,E1170i,E11 72,E1210S,E1220,E1310S,E2210T,
    • F268,F270,F270L,F275L,F278,
    • I777,I896,I897,I917,I997,I5500B,I5500L,I5500_A,I55 03,I5503T,I5508,I5510_A,I5800_A,I9000,I9003,I9003L ,I9008,I9010,I9018,I9020,I9023,I9100,I9103,I9103L, I9108,
    • J750i,J808E,
    • L760W,L708E,
    • M300V,M2510L,N7000,
    • P1000,P1010,P7100,P7500,P7500C,
    • S3100C,S5230L,S5360,S5360B,S5360C,S5360L,S5363,S55 78,S5578_A,S5660,S5660L,S5660M,S5660V,S5660_A,S567 0,S5670B,S5670L,S5670_A,S5830,S5830B,S5830C,S5830D ,S5830L,S5830T,S5830_A,S5838,
    • T499,T499V,T499Y,T759,T839,T849,T939,T959,T959D,T9 59V,T969V
  • Fixed few bugs
  • Added new cable info "USB|UART" = usb or uart(special, like: s7070)

More Details :

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