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GSM international news

ORT JTAG - ORT Plus V1.70 - Revo Update !

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[15 DEC 2011]

Release Notes :

  • Platform Updates

    • OMAP4430 Cortex A9 CPU is Supported

      • eMMC Support is added for OMAP4430 CPU's
      • Any OMAP4430 phone with eMMC inside is supported for JTAG'ing
    • NVIDIA AP20H [ Tegra 2 250 ]

      • Memory Read supported for developers

        • Select Model - > AP20H before connecting
    • QSC6075 Flash Initialization routines are improved for especially no boot devices
    • QSC6270 Flash Inirialization routines are improved for especially no boot devices
    • Broadcomm initializing routines are improved
  • Revolution for JTAG'ers

    • S5PC110 CPU for eMMC Supported

      • During repair progress S5PC110 phones usually supported for NAND Flashes and eMMC usually used for as internal disk
      • ORT Plus can now acces eMMC / internal disk or most common usage hard disk of mobile phones
      • Benefits of having such features
      • It's also part of repair dead mobile phone .
      • You can repair damaged partitions where you can not format internally the disk
      • You can repair the content by writing a good content
      • Identifying whether harddisk is damaged it is as a part of repair mobile phone progress
      • There is CSC data in most of the new samsung models is stored into eMMC instead of NAND Flash
      • For Android OS Google accounts are stored in eMMC
      • Freeze on the Screen , Google applications errors , and many more ..
    • Forensics also will need to have such feature in order to analyze eMMC content
  • New Flash IDs are supported

    • 64M Toshiba Nand Flash.TY80009000ALKF [ 0xD580B098 ]
    • 8M SE NOR Flash [ 0x08C00020 ]
  • GUI Improvements

    • Log Window with basic details of informations

      • Connected TAP ID
      • CPU ID
      • Flash ID
      • Sub Flash ID
      • Block Size
      • Page Size
      • Density of Flash
      • CFG for NOR Flashes
      • VREF Level / IO Level
      • VREF Reading
      • Selected Model
      • RTCK Level
    • Stop and Resume Functions for active Reading / Writing operations

      • During JTAG'ing flashing [ Reading or Writing ] the phone if process interrupted for some reason you can now continue from the point it is disconnected

        Usage : You can restart software and click Resume after SCAN !

Released Stuffs :

  • ORT Plus V1.70
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