Alcatel MTK Dongle - Version 1.20 Released

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X'mas Update for Alcatel MTK Dongle Version 1.20 Ready

All Alcatel MTK Models available in the market supported and improved functions like direct unlock and all new flash ic supported.

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Alcatel OT-090

Alcatel OT-103

Alcatel OT-104

Alcatel OT-105

Alcatel OT-106

Alcatel OT-108

Alcatel OT-109

Alcatel OT-203

Alcatel OT-203E

Alcatel OT-204

Alcatel OT-205

Alcatel OT-206

Alcatel OT-208

Alcatel OT-209

Alcatel OT-216

Alcatel OT-222

Alcatel OT-223

Alcatel OT-255

Alcatel OT-255D

Alcatel OT-280

Alcatel OT-300

Alcatel OT-301

Alcatel OT-303

Alcatel OT-304

Alcatel OT-305

Alcatel OT-355

Alcatel OT-355D

Alcatel OT-360

Alcatel OT-363

Alcatel OT-380

Alcatel OT-383

Alcatel OT-505

Alcatel OT-505K

Alcatel OT-508

Alcatel OT-543

Alcatel OT-565

Alcatel OT-600

Alcatel OT-606

Alcatel OT-660

Alcatel OT-706

Alcatel OT-708

Alcatel OT-710

Alcatel OT-710D

Alcatel OT-799

Alcatel OT-800

Alcatel OT-802

Alcatel OT-802Y

Alcatel OT-806

Alcatel OT-806D

Alcatel OT-807

Alcatel OT-807D

Alcatel OT-808

Alcatel OT-880

Alcatel OT-AM01

Alcatel OT-C700

Alcatel OT-C701

Alcatel OT-C707

Alcatel OT-C717

Alcatel OT-C820

Alcatel OT-C825

Alcatel OT-Friends

Alcatel OT-I650

Alcatel OT-Magic

Alcatel OT-MS02

Alcatel OT-S215

Alcatel OT-S218

Alcatel OT-S319

Alcatel OT-S320

Alcatel OT-S321

Alcatel OT-S520

Alcatel OT-S521

Alcatel OT-S621

Alcatel OT-S626

Alcatel OT-Shine

Alcatel OT-V570

Alcatel OT-V607

Alcatel OT-V670

Alcatel OT-V770

Alcatel Crystal

Alcatel ELLE N3

Alcatel ELLE N5

Alcatel Mandarina Duck

Alcatel Mandarina Duck 2

Alcatel Miss Sixty

MTC 140

MTC 252

MTC 352

MTC 540

Alcatel Playboy

TCL I606

TCL I780

TCL I802

TCL I808

TCL I818

TCL I880

TCL I888

TCL I898

TCL I900

TCL I905



TCL T208

TCL T218

TCL T255

TCL T355

Vodafone 150

Vodafone 250

Vodafone 252

Vodafone 330 FM

Vodafone 331

Vodafone 331 FM

Vodafone 345

Vodafone 350

Vodafone 354

Vodafone 355

Vodafone 455

Vodafone 541

Vodafone 543

Vodafone 555

One Touch 112

One Touch 113

One Touch 213

One Touch 214

One Touch 306

One Touch 311

One Touch 356

One Touch 361

One Touch 362

One Touch 385

One Touch 385D

One Touch 385J

One Touch 390

One Touch 390D

One Touch 506

One Touch 506D

One Touch 585

One Touch 585D

One Touch 602

One Touch 602D

One Touch 665

One Touch 803

One Touch 809

One Touch 810

One Touch 813

One Touch 813D

One Touch 818

One Touch 818D

One Touch 819

One Touch 819D

One Touch 828

One Touch 888

One Touch 888D

One Touch 900

One Touch 901

One Touch 905

One Touch 907

S by SFR 121

S by SFR 122

S by SFR 1150

S by SFR 3440

T-Mobile Accord

Text Edition 152 by SFR

Virgin VM 665



Motorola WX160

Motorola WX161

Motorola WX180

Motorola WX181

Motorola WX260

Motorola WX265

Motorola WX280

Motorola WX288

Motorola WX290

Motorola WX295

Motorola WX390

Motorola WX395



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