ORT JTAG - CDMA UPDATES ON#4 and Latest CDMA News [30 NOV 11] .. [+]

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[30 NOV 2011]

Description :

  • ZTE N600 [CDMA] Repair Boot
  • ZTE-C X920 [CDMA] Repair Boot
  • Samsung SCH-S239 [ CDMA ] Repair Boot [ Special thx to : atasalmi007 ]
Released Stuffs :

  • Samsung SCH-S239 JTAG Pinout
  • Samsung SCH-S239 Full Dump RAW Format [iNDIA]
  • Samsung SCH-S239 Full Dump RAW Format [CHINA]
  • Samsung SCH-S239 Repair File
  • ZTE N600 JTAG Pinout
  • ZTE N600 Repair File
  • ZTE N600 Full Dump RAW Format
  • ZTE-C X920 JTAG Pinout
  • ZTE-C X920 Full Dump RAW Format
  • ZTE-C X920 Repair File
Latest CDMA News :

  • CoolPad S126 [CDMA] Repair Boot
  • Huawei C8500 [CDMA] Repair Boot
  • Samsung SCH-B229 [CDMA] Repair Boot
  • Samsung SCH-S259 [CDMA] Repair Boot
  • Samsung SCH-W589 [CDMA ] Repair Boot
  • ZTE C78 [CDMA] Repair Boot
Discussion :

Full Flashes Uploaded :

ORT Team News and Blog :

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