***Gsmfinder 2.1.9 version released ***

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Whats new in Gsmfinder V2.1.9

1. Blackberry - Berry tool added

Features : unlock by mep 254 mep supported(HOT)

unlock by prd 7500 prd supported


Factory setting reset

2. NOKIA - NK tool

Features : Sl1, SL2 SD Repair

SL&Sl2 Simlock RPL

Dct 4 rsa unlock

3. Gsmfinder - Finder tool

Features :IC compatibility

Lcd compatibility

cables compatibility: 2038 types

Battery compatibility: 1196 types

ASIC compatibility: 112 types

Flex compatibility: 629 types

TACFAC brand & model: 26921

Help codes

4. Code tool -Offline calculator & online calculator

Unlock by imei

Alcatel263 models added (Hot)

5. Cdma tool : create unlock file

(Models-RD3000,RD3100,RD3500,RD3510,RD3530,RD3536,RD3540,R D3610,RD3600,RD6100,RD6600)

6. Credits& activations : This is tab where user can see the status of activations and help

7.Support tool : login for flashfiles , support area, distributer and resseller list

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