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GSM international news

SmartMoto v4.26 Becomes to be multi-brand MTK solution and many more new features.

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Dear users,

We're proud to announce new release of SmartMoto v4.26 that once again confirms the title of most intellectual and professional solution for MTK platform at the market.

Summing up the work that was performed from the time of last update, the following features were developed:

  • Fundаmеntally new algorithm of READ CODES and DIRECT UNLOCK procedures for all supported MTK models

    With our brand new solution, phone’s unlock procedure for some models will be performed without formatting file system area. It means that no user data (phone book, messages, etc) will be lost after unlocking

  • Exclusive DIRECT UNLOCK and READ CODES solutions for the following MTK models:

    • Motorola EX108 / EX109 / EX112 / EX115 / EX122 / EX124g /EX126 / EX128 / EX211 / EX212 / EX245 / WX345 (No more problems with network detect)
    • Alcatel OT-230D * / VM202 / VM800
    • AVIO 410 *
    • Huawei G6150* / G6610* / G6610v * / G7002
    • Fly Q300, MC145
    • LG Gb190 *
    • Movistar Match *
    • SFR 121 / 1150 / 3440
    • ZTE R255 / R230 / X760 / G-S213 (Beeline A100)

  • World's first READ USER CODE for all supported MTK-based models

    If phone is locked with user code, this function allows you to read it without performing 'format ffs' operation and without loosing any of private information

  • Unique option of Backup and Restore NETWORK CALIBRATION for all MTK-based models

    Phone’s network calibration contain network settings and affect on a level of GSM signal reception. It’s very important to backup these settings before flash / format ffs operations and to restore them afterwards

  • Support of new flash chip for Motorola EX211

    Samsung NOR chip ID [EC2208-0] Flash size - 32 Mb is now supported

  • MTK models based on MT6238, MT6239 MCU are now supported
  • Implemented “Fast FFS mounting” option
  • External RAM testing feature added

*Important information! Unlocking of these new models is currently in a test mode. If you have one of them, please follow this link for further information

Smart-Clip ON!

Best Regards

GSMServer team

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Union of the best and strongest.

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