Polar FIS+ and Polar FIS+ Advanced : Update v0.1.9

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Hi to all Auto-Polar community

This is our last update for FIS+ customers


Firmware FIS+ v0.1.9


[+] Improved diagnostics functions :

Detected problem when we try to codify units with vehicle in movement, ECUs not allow acces via diagnostic on

movement, so we restrict access in this case.

Improved menu navigation when you enter to see any value, now not exists delay time after not configure any value

[+] Improved mirror functions :

Added new screen when you configure position of mirrors (help screen)

Modified totally routines of movement for restrict movement in case that mirrors not be in correct position (blend)

Improved OFFSET function, for make a more precise configuration. Values from -9 to 9 (0 is normal value)

[+] Other fixments and improvements :

Improved communication that solves problem with screen (after power on vehicle not appears)

Modified the screen of the parameters selection, now only will appear parameters supported by your vehicle

Other minor bugs and fixments (internal)

Any enquire, sugerence or question, please not doubt in contact with our staff at [ AutoPolar Forum ]

Thanks in advance for all your attention,

with best regards,

[ AutoPolar Team ]



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