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Omnia Repair Tool - PXA31X Supported NOW

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PXA31X Supported Now !

Supported CPU

• PXA310

• PXA312

JTAG Operation Features :

• Read Boot

• Write Boot

• Erase Boot

• Above Features Helps you to repair phones as well

PXA 310 Model List :

• Airis T483 / T483L

• General Mobile DSTL1

• Gigabyte GSmart MS808

• Hewlett-Packard iPAQ 100 / 110 / 111 / 112

• Hewlett-Packard iPAQ 200 / 210 / 211 / 212 / 214

• HKC G908 (SIM V1)

• HKC G920 (SIM Wacke)

• HKC Mopad 8

• HKC Mopad 8E

• HKC Pearl (TechFaith Lancer)

• HKC Prado

• I-Mate 810-F (Hummer)

• NDrive S400 (SIM U1)

• QiGi AK007

• QiGi AK007C

• QiGi i6 Goal (TechFaith Lancer)

• QiGi i6 Win / i6P Win (TechFaith Lancer)

• QiGi i6C

• QiGi U6 / U6P

• QiGi U8 / U8P

• RoverPC evo V7 (SIM V1)

• RoverPC pro G7 (SIM U1)

• RoverPC X7 (SIM Wacke)

• Samsung SGH-i780

• Samsung SGH-i907 Epix

• WayteQ X-Phone (TechFaith Lancer)

• WayteQ X-Phone Android (TechFaith Lancer)

PXA 312 Model List :

• Samsung SCH-i910 Omnia 8GB

• Samsung SGH-i900 / SGH-i900V Omnia 8GB

• Samsung SGH-i900 / SGH-i908 Omnia 16GB

• Samsung SGH-i900L

• Samsung SPH-M4800 Ultra Messaging II

Usage :

• Connect to OMAP JTAG Connection

• Power on phone ( even though it does not power on )

• Start Software

• Select the Flash type of Phone

• Select good dump

( if it does not exist in support area – you should read from a good phone )

• Write to Damaged Phone

After all the procedures completed PXA 31X part should be repaired

And just make sure to flash with original firmware after all to complete repair procedures.


I do NOT have all of the above JTAG Pinouts of the phone models but I will upload them as soon as I get or I found JTAG Pin outs of those phones .!

I will pay for each good dump or JTAG pinouts

Note :

• I900 Omnia Series PDA PART is PXA312 and it is “FULL” Supported

• I900 Phone PART issues is under development and waiting for Good News very Soon

Personal Note :

• if you have difficulties of using or problem please contact to support through webpage or via e-mail !

THAT’S Still not Enough ?


Best Regards

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